How to Avoid Getting Hacked! | Vanilla’s Tips 

Hello everyone! Vanilla here!

Being hacked is no fun for anybody. It can get your stuff deleted, account banned, and things even more horrible! That’s why I’ll be sharing my tips on how to avoid getting hacked!

1. Weak passwords are easier to guess. So make sure you have a strong one! Mixing capital letters, lower case letters, and numbers makes a good password! It’s even better if your password’s longer than 8 letters!

2. Change your password often! Changing your password frequently makes it harder for hackers to get into your account. And if you’ve already been hacked, change your password immediately. This can prevent further hacking!

3. Don’t give your password out to anyone! There are tons websites that try to steal your password. Don’t trust them! You’ll only end up getting hacked.

4. If you’re using public computers, try not to sign in to anything important. Make sure you’ve unchecked the “remember me” button, and logged out when you’ve finished.

5. Using the same password for all your accounts isn’t the best thing to do. All your accounts getting hacked? That’s just not cool.
Thanks for reading! If these tips helped you, make sure to give this post a like! And feel free to comment down below! Have an awesome day! 😀

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