Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

The other day, I had a huge craving for cookie dough. “Won’t I get sick if I eat raw eggs?” I thought. While digging through some old recipes, I found the perfect one: Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Yum! This also only makes about a handful of cookie dough. And my hand’s pretty small, so this recipe is the perfect size!
Here’s the recipe:

I mixed these ingredients all together in a bowl.

Since this recipe doesn’t contain any eggs, you won’t get salmonella poisoning or something horrible like that.

I rolled some cookie dough balls then popped them into my mouth! Easy as that!

And if you want to prank someone… 😏😏😏

Microwave them for about 2 minutes. Every microwave is different, so just keep an eye on the cookies. Watch them until they look about done. Peel the cookies off whatever you baked them on before they get stuck. This doesn’t sound like a prank? Wait a few minutes. Ok! Take a test bite. The cookies are super squishy and weird inside, and the middle of it is rock hard! Disgusting… After an hour or two, the cookies have the consistency or bricks. Yeah.

Why did I think of a prank? Mostly cause I failed at baking (well, microwaving) the cookies. The cookie dough was way yummier! And basically, that’s why you should not microwave this cookie dough. πŸ˜‹

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Have an awesome day!

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