Beware The Escape

The Writer's Connection

by vanillarainbow

“Crack.” The ice beneath my feet shattered. Before I could even open my mouth to speak, before I could even think to yell “Ahh!” Down I fell into a deep, dark pit of shadows. It was as if the ground had just snapped me up. Cool air rushed past me, making my long brown hair blow wildly. “How fast am I falling?” I wondered. Well, I would have wondered if I wasn’t screaming my head off. “Crunch.” I broke through another layer of ice. Then everything stopped. I landed on something soft. I should have felt relieved, but I couldn’t do anything but replay the scene in my mind. I stood up. I’d landed on a bed in a cave. And no, that did not seem strange to me at the time. In front of me stood a boy who must have been about nine or ten –…

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