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Hi, friends! So Bluecocacola asked me for a few tips on how to gain more followers. I have a few full-proof tips that have really been helping me! Go ahead and read on!

Tip #1. Use tags! Tags are super important. This is what search engines use to organize search results. Let’s say you write a post about an awesome Sugar Cookie Recipe. By tagging it with Sugar Cookie Recipe, or Cookie Recipe, your post is more likely to show up when people search it up on the internet.

Tip #2. Be active in the community! I can’t stress this enough. By being active in the community and liking and commenting on other blogger’s posts you make yourself known. Obviously people have to know your blog before they can follow you. So get liking, commenting, and ReBlogging!

Tip #3. Follow other blogs! This sorta ties to the whole “be active in the community thing”. Following other blogger’s blogs (try saying that 3 times fast) not only makes them happy (which is awesome), but it also makes you one of their friends! If that makes any sense… Sort of like, they’ll pay attention to you when you comment on their blog. And they might even follow you back! Go and follow lots of blogs!

Tip #4. Feature other blogs! Everyone likes their blog to be featured, so why not do it? There are lots of ways to feature blogs! You can ReBlog their posts, have a link to their blog on your sidebar, do a “Blogs You Need to Check Out” post, have a link to their blog in one of your posts… The possibilities are, well, endless!

Tip #5. Provide good content! This is another really important tip! Why would anyone follow your blog if they didn’t like it?

Tip #6. Add a follow button to your blog! This will help a ton. Why? It’ll make it easy for people to follow you! Just a click of a button!

And the last tip… Tip #7: Have fun!! Enjoy blogging and love what you post! If you love it, so will other people! To summarize, just like what post and have fun while doing it!

Have an awesome day everyone! 😀 And I hope this helps!

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32 thoughts on “How To Get More Followers | Vanilla’s Tips

  1. Hi,
    You suggested featuring other blogs. Check out my blog. I feature other blogs every Thursday. If you’d like me to feature you, I will. Just leave me a link. I have a Weekly Roundup going on right now on my site, so you can see an example and leave your link there. Be sure to say where you’re from. It’s an international roundup.

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      1. Hi,
        Yes, I will feature you tomorrow on my blog. Will you please follow my blog since I am promoting you as a courtesy to me? I read your article 5 Ways To Get Blog Followers. One of the ways you advised was featuring bloggers. I am featuring you on tomorrow..

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  2. Thanks for the great tips.

    I love tip #5. I just went through a rant because every link i read (15-20) in a link party had something missing or grammar errors. Some blog’s content isn’t concluded or full of the meat and potatoes. Which kinda makes me feel like I’ve wasted my time after reading it. I think grammar checking is important too. I’m not perfect but i believe that I work hard to write good finished pieces. Which is important for the long haul.

    I can’t wait to bump up my use of your tips, pinning and following!

    Ps. I found you via mostly blogging’s international round up.

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