How to Make Better Blog Posts | Vanilla’s Tips

Hey guys, it’s Vanilla! Since you guys seemed to really like my tips on how to get more followers, I thought that I’d give 3 tips on how to make better blog posts too! Here are some tips that have really helped me. And I hope they’ll help you as well!


1. Brainstorm.

For me, it really helps to think of what I’m going to post before I start writing. You could write these ideas down, or type them into an electronic device. This really helps me decide on what I want to post, and then stick to that theme. (If that makes any sense, hehe.)

2. Use proper grammar.

Good grammar is really important when writing posts. What’s the use of a good idea if no one can understand it? Blogs usually have a built-in grammar checker, so just pay attention to those red lines under your words.

3.  Proofread.

Before you click that publish button, always proofread your work. This has helped me a lot, because I must say, I’m a pretty clumsy typer. Just make sure you’re spelling your words correctly, and you should be good to go!


Thanks for reading! Again, I hope these little tips help. And as always, have an awesome day! 😀
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