10 Awesome Things To Do When You’re Bored

Hey guys!! It’s Vanilla!

We all have those days when we have absolutely nothing to do. So in this post, I’ll be sharing some ideas for when you’re bored. 😀

1. Try something new!

This is something I really like to do when I’m bored. Trying new recipes, choreography, angles to shoot photos at, or whatever interests you!

2. Go outside!

Whether it’s blue skies and green grass, or dark clouds and silhouettes of buildings, taking a walk outside is always fun. Unless the weather is really bad, like if it’s snowing or something. But other than that, going outside is a really great activity.

3. Put on some new outfits!

I think this is really fun! Try out some outfits you’ve never tried before! You never know, you might find something you like!

4. Watch the stars at night!

Lie on your back and look up at all the sparkly jewels in the sky! And try to spot some constellations and planets!

5. Try some DIYs from Pinterest

Pinterest has all sorts of crazy, weird DIYs! You can do them by yourself, or with your friends! See what strange things you come up with! 😀

6. Listen to some music

Spotify is a great music app, and I’d definitely recommend it! Just play some really catchy music and have a dance party in your room!

7. Check out some new blogs

Checking out some new blogs is really great! I love finding new blogs and seeing how other people write!

8. Do a photoshoot with your friends or siblings!

Set up some props, grab a camera (or a phone) and then lights, camera, start posing!

9. Get some ideas from YouTube.

Yeah. Well pretty self-explanatory, okay next one.

10. Do something nice for someone.

Telling someone something nice, smiling at a random person 😛 , baking cookies for someone, just do something nice! You feel happier, and the other person does too! 😀


Thanks for reading! Byeeee! 😀




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