How to FAIL at Making Rainbow Cereal Bars | With BubbleBunny05

Heyyy guys! Vanilla here! Wow I haven’t posted for sooo long. (But that’s nothing new, hehe) Anyways, BubbleBunny05 and I got together, and decided we would do a little collab! Click here to check out her post on how to make (not fail at making) Rainbow Cereal Bars!

Anddd now… on with the post!

How to FAIL at Making Rainbow Cereal Bars!

Firstly, you must always remember that adding two packets of marshmallows will definitely make less bars that adding one packet. No lie! This is exactly what happened to us, hahaha.


Secondly, completely fail at turning on the stove. Then do notΒ butter the pot, and start melting the marshmallows, so that they stick to the pot. (This was soooooo hard to get out.)


After this, you’ll want to struggle for a very long time trying to get all the super sticky, oooey – gooey, marshmellowy goodness out of the pot and into a bowl. As shown in the picture below. (We made a huge mess on the floor and it was a nightmare to wash the bowl!)


After you’ve succeeded at getting all the marshmallowy fluff into the bowl, and washed your hands about a gazillion times, you’ll want to pour in the cereal. Just slowly, steadily tip the box of cereal… slowly… slowly… pour the entire box onto the floor. More or less exactly what we did. Β The floor looked more rainbow then the cereal bars did!


After mixing it for approximately 10928310923 hours, it will still not be mixed. (At least it’s not as bad as the time we made churros. [but that’s another story.]) Just mix it for another 20218392 hours, and it should look okay.


Next up! Buy wayyyyy more chocolate chips than you need. Like 400 grams more than you need. Then leave the chocolate chips out in the hot sun for a while until they turn to a weird chocolate paste. After this, add them to your cereal bars, then decide that chocolate chips actually make the bars look (and taste) disgusting. And then pretend that you didn’t waste 20 bucks…


And after everything… make an entire new batch from scratch… But this time…


…Add two entire packets of sprinkles. “Yay! Pretty colors!!”


But it’s all worth it in the end… Or you could go read BubbleBunny’s post and get this recipe perfect the first time round.

Hahaha, thanks for reading, and have and AMAZING day!! Cya! πŸ™‚



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